Camerata Vocal Música Áurea on tour are:

Sopranos: Lissette Miyares Houdayer, Aimara Tamayo Bodaño, Doris Puente Soto, Marlys López Pequeño

Contraltos: Yanis Argüelles Rusiel, Yanet Carmenates Mariol, Mildred Mahy Sanamé, Yanet Cadiz Laffita

Tenors: Oscar Alcántara Alexander, Gilberto Méndez Lainati, Fernando García Franquis

Basses: Ariel Rodríguez León, Valeri Duarte Grandales, Rober Rosales Montero

Coordinator/interpreter: Oscar Julio Mesa Menzies, UNEAC (Oscar sadly died on 30 Jan 2013. For more information see Oscar

About Camerata de Música Áurea

Voces de Cuba is a project with the sole aim of bringing the Aurea choir from Santiago de Cuba to Sheffield and the UK as a cultural exchange. During their time here, the Aurea choir will work intensely with young people, run workshops and do performances with the aim of sharing their music with as many people as possible, but particularly anyone with a love of singing and listening to choral music. The project has a management committee of 12 people including a Chairperson, a Secretary and 2 Treasurers.


Safeguarding Policy

Committee members only pages

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