Standing ovations in Sheffield on Sat 30th June 2012. Watch Triste muy triste; Gracias a la vida and A Veces

Camerata Vocal Música Áurea perform Ire a Santiago in Sheffield Winter Gardens Mon 18th June 2012 Ire a Santiago

Singing in York Minster Thurs 21st June In York Minster

Singing at Cubana's Sheffield on Sun 17th June. Canto de los cafetales

Voces de Cuba introductory DVD

Interview with Delvis Sanchez, Musical Director

Iré a Santiago (Valera)

Dulce Embeleso

Flight of the Bumble Bee (Rimsky Korsakov)

Cancion arr Electo Silva

Son Homenaje

Massed sing at the end of the Festival 2009 - Dulce Embeleso

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