Camerata Vocal Música Áurea UK Tour 2012

CD and double DVD

There are now 2 marvellous products from the 2012 tour: a CD and a double DVD!!!

The CD has a mixture of live and studio recorded tracks (20 tracks; running time 69:08 minutes), based on the programme delivered as a live performance at Firth Hall, University of Sheffield on 8 July. The Firth Hall concert was structured to represent a chronological journey from the time of Monteverdi to modern Cuban music and features a combination of lovely harmonic singing and stunning vocal dexterity by the choir.

Price incl p&p (within UK): £8.50

The double DVD consists of one disc featuring formal concerts (University of Sheffield and Sheffield Cathedral) and a second disc featuring a selection of videos, photos, music and interviews from workshops, school visits and less formal performances. There is also fantastic footage of the choir and hosts relaxing, plus a tribute to Oscar Mesa Menzies who made such a significant contribution to the success of the tour.

Price incl p&p (within UK): £13.00

Special Offer CD & DVD combined price (within UK): £20.00

How to order

To transfer funds electronically: 1] send your order details to 2] make your payment directly to CUBA CHOIR, Sort Code 08 92 99, Account No 65165168 – USING YOUR SURNAME AS A PAYMENT REFERENCE 3] your order will not be despatched until the funds are received into the Cuba Choir account and the payment reference matched to an email order.

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